VI Digital/HamWAN Credential Management System

Welcome to the credential management system for HamWAN Victoria and VI Digital.

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All services on this network are authenticated using a client application like Google Authenticator (on a mobile phone) or WinAuth (on a PC).

Each authenticator must be fed with a 'secret key' which is known only to the end user and the server. Once the 'secret key' has been fed into the client authenticator a 6 digit access code is generated every 30 seconds. This code is used to authenticate against services on the network.

Why not use regular passwords?

Because the majority of the HamWAN Network is used on amateur radio frequencies encryption cannot be used to secure communications.

Without encryption, traditional passwords are insecure as anyone with the right equipment can intercept the communications and learn your password. By using a temporary code, only valid for a short period of time, the likelihood of an attacker gaining access significantly reduced.

How do I get started?

The first step is to contact VI Digital Support and request access to the network. Once your request has been processed you will receive an email confrimation. After you have received your email confirmation, please enter your callsign in the box below and press 'get started'

The server will verify that your callsign has been authorised and generate a secure secret. The secret will be presented to you as a string of text, and as a QR code which you can scan into a mobile authenticator app.

If you need to retreive your secret, you can do so but you WILL need to authenticate first. If you have lost your authenticator, you will need to contact support to have your account reset. To retreive your secret at a later date (for example if you want to add an additional authenticator), login at and follow the links.

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